Customized furniture and interiors

The ability to create for you something truly valuable and special is the true aim of our work.

The result of our many years of professional activity, based on participation in the reconstruction of cultural heritage objects, has become an invaluable experience, which is reflected in the manufacture of designer furniture, stairs and wooden interiors.

We continue to remain faithful to traditions and confidently apply innovative technologies in the manufacturing. Our unique knowledge and powerful art base allow us to implement projects in various styles, whether it be classic or modern design.

Having chosen us for a ready-made solution, you get not only a result that is impeccable in quality and appearance, but also a whole range of services related to the implementation of your ideas.

  • We personally visit you for measurements in any region of Russia and abroad.
  • We draw up all the necessary design documentation.
  • We coordinate the sample of coating. We can help you with pick up the color and type of decoration for existing furniture or a shade of the interior.
  • We produce quickly, efficiently, strictly following the deadlines.
  • We provide reliable delivery and installation worldwide.
  • The creation of luxury furniture and the design of private interiors is important task for us as the reconstruction of the historical appearance of ancient palaces. Our clients are successful people who strive to fill their lives with sincere relationships, vibrant events and first-class things. That is why for us there are no insignificant details neither in relation to production, nor in relation to service.

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