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Wood Products: Wide Range and High Quality

Wooden Solid Products

Discover the wide range of solid wood products we offer. Our products include both practical and decorative elements for any interior, from furniture to decorative panels and moldings. You can buy wood products directly on our site, choosing from more than 4,000 models and 20,000 modifications presented in 39 product groups. We offer our products made from solid wood (oak, beech) for the decoration of furniture and interiors. Thanks to properly dried wood and a specific microclimate at the production (temperature 20–24°C, air humidity at least 40%), our products maintain the highest stability during further processing and use.

  • high detail, artistic elaboration of the collection
  • decor undergoes additional manual sanding
  • two levels of quality: Standard and Prestige
  • large stock program - shipping from 1 piece

Manufacturing and Technology of Wood Products

Our wood products are manufactured using modern technologies and traditional wood carving methods. The technology of making wood products takes into account not only aesthetic aspects but also the functionality of each element. Carpentry products from wood are particularly strong and durable thanks to properly dried wood and a controlled microclimate in the production facilities.

Product Categories

  • Furniture legs and supports: Bases for creating stylish and reliable furniture.
  • Furniture handles: Elements that add uniqueness to any product.
  • Decorative wood products: Decorations that bring warmth and comfort to the home.
  • Carved wood products: Exquisitely performed works that demonstrate the craftsmanship of our artisans.
  • Molding wood products: Bars, baseboards, and other finishing elements.

Why Choose Our Products?

Our solid wood products are in high demand due to the high quality of execution and wide range. We offer various wood products for any style and preference. Whether it is classic carving or modern geometric shapes, every client will find something special for themselves. Prices for wood products in our store are justified by the highest quality and exclusivity of the products.

Order Wood Products Online

Take advantage of the convenience of buying wood products online with home delivery. We guarantee that every product, whether a decor element or a part of furniture set, will meet the highest standards of quality.