Polyurethane products

This section presents decorative products of our production from polyurethane: overlays, moldings, rosettes, capitals, brackets, mascarons, tops, decorative grilles, ready-made kits and decor for moldings.

For the production of decors, we use high-quality two-component polyurethane produced in Europe. Finished decor made of polyurethane Stavros - white, without any additional coating. Shipped prepared for further finishing.

Advantages of Stavros polyurethane decor

  • Produced from high-quality European raw materials - does not emit or absorb odors, harmless to humans and the environment
  • Perfectly smooth surface, without air bubbles and flaws - does not require additional grinding and putty
  • Detailed study, high detailing of the drawing - the decor was created by artists and sculptors with experience in the reconstruction and creation of museum interiors, the master models are hand-carved by woodcarvers
  • It paints well, has no grease stains - it is easily stained with most paints and enamels
  • Flexible when heated - decor can be bent when heated with a heat gun
  • Moisture resistant - can be used outdoors and in rooms with high humidity
  • Durable - resistance to mechanical damage, stronger than foamed polyurethane. Does not flake, does not require special care.
  • Versatility in use - ideal for decorating furniture, doors and interiors. The collection is identical to the solid STAVROS products.

Our decor works well with other materials: wood, glass, metal. Take a closer look at it if your project has a lot of decorative elements that will be covered with thick enamel. In the finished project, the products look as decent as those made of wood.