house carving

House carving is an elegant decoration for wooden country houses, arbors, bathhouses, fences, made in the traditional Russian style.

The advantages of our house carving:

  • We use re-glued furniture boards made of finger-jointed pine wood. This increases the resistance of products to changes in temperature and humidity. During operation, the product will not warp and will not lead!
  • products are manufactured on CNC machines with high-precision milling;
  • the house carving of our production has no knots and resin pockets;
  • our products are additionally sanded by hand, and as a result they have a smooth surface and are completely ready for applying the finishing coating.
house carving

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Carved architraves

Carved platbands are used to decorate the facades of country houses, gazebos, bathhouses, stylized restaurants and taverns. Many designers skillfully fit such decor into the exterior in the form of beautiful openwork partitions. Platbands in the Russian style can decorate windows, doors, cornices. With them, the house immediately stands out against the background of typical buildings, it looks cozy, attractive and unusual.

In this section you will find:

  • platbands on doors, cornices and windows with a simple and complex pattern;
  • narrow and wide architraves from 67 to 150 mm;
  • ready-made carved "towel" for the windows, which can be adjusted to the required size.

All Stavros architraves have a standard length of 2000 mm and a thickness of 18 mm. Some models are included in the warehouse program. Warranty for the finished product - 1 year, subject to the rules of operation.

How to apply and what to combine with

Two-meter wooden architraves are sawn to the desired size, and the joints are closed with wooden rosettes, which are also in our catalog.

Thanks to the flat (2D) pattern, rich carving compositions can be created using the layering method, when narrow architraves are attached to wide ones.

The project can be completed with accompanying elements with a 2D pattern: openwork corners, central overlays, graceful brackets or small carved details.

To decorate a veranda, gazebo or decorative fence, we recommend that you look at the flat balusters in the appropriate section.

Our designers have created over 40 application ideas for Stavros carved architraves. Get inspired by stylish solutions and choose options to decorate your cozy home.

Manufacturing features

Stavros wooden architraves are made of re-glued pine board, in which knots and resin pockets are already cut. Thus, the resin is not released under the influence of the sun, and the decor itself is not deformed or cracked.

All carvings are carefully polished and ready for further finishing. Platbands are shipped only in a standard size without coating and any impregnation. The finished set for the window - "towel" - is delivered unassembled.

Nina Usatova's review of Stavros house carving: