Capitals: Art and Architecture

Definition of a Capital

A capital (from Latin capitellum, Italian capitello — little head) is the crowning part of a column or pilaster, performing not only a decorative but also a structural function. The upper part of the capital extends beyond the column, creating a visual and constructive transition to the horizontally situated entablature. This element is key in architectural composition, providing ample opportunities for decoration and emphasizing the style of the building.

Variety of Models and Their Applications

Our assortment features over 60 unique models of capitals, each of which can seamlessly integrate into modern projects or add a touch of noble classicism, repeating historical architectural forms. From capitals for doors to capitals for furniture, each model offers unique application possibilities:

Forms of Capitals and Their Uses

  • Round and square with full-bodied cross-section: Perfect for internal and external decoration of buildings, enhancing the visual appeal of columns and pilasters.
  • For half-columns and truncated columns: An excellent solution for interior decoration where space is limited but architectural sophistication is required.
  • For pilasters: Ideal for creating harmonious transitions in large halls and corridors, as well as for building facades.

Styles of Capital Carvings and Decoration Opportunities

  • Smooth without carving: Emphasize the succinctness and modernity of design, fitting well into minimalist interiors.
  • With geometric patterns: Create a strict, orderly appearance, suitable for office spaces and public buildings.
  • With grape, Gothic, and classical plant motifs: Offer luxury and refinement for restaurants, hotels, and private residences.

Use Our Form and Style Filter

For your convenience in choosing the right capital, we offer to use the filter by form and style on our site. This will allow you to quickly find the perfect option that will harmoniously complement your architectural project or interior.

Styles of Capitals

  • Empire: Capitals in the Empire style are characterized by the strictness of forms, symmetry, and monumentality. They are often adorned with motifs of laurel wreaths, bundles of arrows, stars, and other symbols of victory and triumph.

  • Art Deco: Capitals in the Art Deco style are distinguished by bold geometric patterns, clear lines, and often include elements inspired by nature, such as stylized flowers and leaves. This style emphasizes luxury and sophistication.

  • Grape: Capitals with grape ornamentation often consist of elegant carved patterns with motifs of grapevines, leaves, and clusters, imparting a sense of fertility and abundance.

  • Gothic: Gothic capitals are adorned with pointed arches and trefoils, often containing elements of religious symbolism. They bring a sense of medieval mystique and grandeur.

  • Classic: Classical capitals are inspired by ancient orders, such as Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. They can have strict or more decorated forms with acanthus leaves.

  • Modern: Modernist capitals often possess a more minimalist design, with an emphasis on simple yet elegant forms that highlight contemporary architectural trends.

  • Russian style: Capitals in the Russian style may include traditional paintings and elements characteristic of Russian architectural tradition, such as wood carving and the use of bright colors.

  • Contemporary: Contemporary capitals often explore innovative forms and materials, focusing on functionality and ultra-modern design, sometimes using unconventional patterns and textures.

Forms of Products

  • Square: Suitable for strict and modern designs where the clarity of lines and geometric correctness are important.

  • Round: Ideally combines with more traditional and classical styles, adding softness and sophistication to the overall appearance.

  • Rectangular: Often used in modern and minimalist projects, emphasizing the purity of design and simplicity of forms.

  • Semi-circular: Suitable for creating soft and smoothed transitions in architectural compositions, adding curves and elegance.

Using these filters will help you select a capital that not only meets your design preferences but is also perfectly suited for specific architectural or interior solutions. Whether you are looking for something traditional or modern, our extensive assortment offers solutions that will satisfy any architectural and stylistic needs.

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