Carved décor from natural wood, wooden paste and polyurethane.


«Produce nothing but the best, and you’ll never be disappointed»
John Gregory Betancourt

Today Stavros is a famous brand symbolizing high quality, good taste and stability. The company is founded in 2007. Our production is located in Saint-Petersburg. It is a city where the atmosphere, history and traditions lead to the creation of beautiful, unique things!

We produce:

The decor made of wood, polyurethane and wood paste is a great tool for creating stylish, luxurious interiors and furniture!

Our distinctive features:

  • Economically!

Realizing that the price of the final product is formed from the cost of components, and, at the same time, having a powerful production, we offer manufacturers of furniture and interior decoration at the best prices! And, the more copies of purchased products, the lower their price! We produce wooden décor in a three categories of quality; also we make décor from polyurethane, that allows us to meet any budget.

  • Quickly!

We produce décor in a very short time! That is thanks to well coordinated work of all departments: from manager to courier! We know: “You need it yesterday"

  • Exclusively!

For standard goods of your production we will develop a unique decor with a guarantee of exclusive delivery only to you!

  • Stably!

Stavros is a reliable partner you can rely on!

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