Carved shelves

This section presents beautiful hanging shelves made of solid wood with decorative carved elements. They can be hung in a room, kitchen, living room, corridor or hallway. They are also suitable for the interiors of cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels and other premises. You can place various types of objects on these shelves:

  • collectable items
  • beautiful dishes, wine glasses, vases
  • flowers
  • things dear to memory
  • photo frames
  • small statuettes
  • Decorative candles etc

    Stavros shelves and carved decor are made of natural wood. You can order them in oak and beech. You get the finished product assembled without finishing, together with hinges for installation.

    When working with wood all products of our company are manufactured in compliance with humidity standards. We use powerful house-building presses for holding workpieces and modern CNC machines. After manufacturing, each product is processed manually - coarse pile, possible chips and remnants of workpieces are removed. All these stages allow us to produce high-quality products that will serve for a long time and please their owners.

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