Mascarone (from French mascaron, Italian mascherone — big mask) - a decorative element in the form of a mask of an animal, a mythical creature or a character, placed on products of applied art, in architectural structures, carved mascarons can be found in arched openings locks, on doors or fountains, in the frescoes of buildings, on gates and fences.

Wooden mascarons made by our craftsmen are distinguished by a high degree of detail and compliance with classical canons. The image should be strictly frontal and his gaze should be directed directly at the person who is in front of him. Most often there are mascarons in the form of human faces, and among animals the image of a lion predominates, its mask was placed on tenement houses as a symbol of power.

  • wooden mascarons of lions in classic style
  • masks of satyr, viking, elf
  • ware with faces of ancient Greek goddesses
  • several variations of the mythical creature - Gorgon Medusa,
  • wolf and bear heads

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