House wood carving

House carving is an elegant decoration for wooden country houses, arbours, saunas, fences made in the traditional Russian style. The exteriors of russian buildings were traditionally decorated with openwork carvings.

The advantages of our house carving:

  • we use re-glued furniture boards made of spliced solid pine. It increases the resistance of products to changes in temperature and humidity. During operation, the products will not be warped and leaded!
  • products are manufactured on CNC controlled machines with high-precision milling;
  • our house carvings do not have knots and resin pockets;
  • our products are additionally sanded by hand, and as a result have a smooth surface and are completely ready for applying the topcoat.

There are different types of household woodcarving:

  • sculptural;
  • slotted;
  • embossed;
  • plated.

Balusters, pediments, porch pillars, cornices, towels, moorings, etc. are now decorated with voluminous figures and ornaments.


House wood carving symbolism

Decorating the facade with house woodcarving has not only aesthetic value, but also a sacred meaning. The gables of the roof in ancient times were always covered with geometric shapes, symbolizing heavenly moisture, blessed rain. The roof was also decorated with signs of the Sun, which gives warmth and protection from dark forces.

Particular attention was paid to the design of the window frames, since they symbolized the border zone between the outer and inner world of the dwelling. Images of fabulous birds, animals, snakes and plants were placed here. The ornaments reflect all the natural elements and generic energies that protect the inhabitants of the house.

At present, every owner of a wooden mansion, who respects the traditions of his people, can buy original wood carvings from experienced Stavros craftsmen.

Today, woodcarving elements – are an exquisite decoration for modern private houses, baths and other buildings made in the traditional Russian style. The presence of carved platbands, made by skillful hands of professional craftsmen, allows you to make any building exclusive, to give it a truly luxurious appearance. The choice of decor is so wide and rich that the best option can be chosen without any problems for any building, depending on its functional purpose, number of storeys and even the region where the building is located.

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