Wood paste mouldings

Wood paste (pulp) decorative moldings are an affordable and beautiful decoration for doors, frames, furniture, interiors and caisson ceilings. Having all the characteristics and properties of natural wood, the pulp has an attractive price, durability and practicality in use:

  • paste decor does not require grinding, therefore it is immediately ready for applying paints and varnishes;
  • the surface of products can be painted not only with opaque (dense) paints and enamels, but also with transparent varnishes and stains;
  • our wood paste moldings have a high relief and fine detailing of the ornament;
  • pulp products can be combined with solid wood surfaces that have a transparent or translucent tint; pasta decor is combined with wood decor;
  • compared to solid wood decor, wood pulp products have a very attractive price;
  • even in large volumes, we ensure very fast production times!

Our catalog contains the most optimal assortment of models of various types and styles - from wide friezes to small moulders.

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