The storage and use of wood paste decor

This instruction will allow you to keep the products manufactured by our company in proper form, and recommendations for their storage and use will guarantee you their serviceability for a long time.

For the manufacturing of moldings from wood paste (pulp), Stavros uses high-quality Italian-made wood paste. With the help of a press using different rollers, the pulp is applied to the HDF or MDF profile.

Wood paste (pulp) consists of a mixture of wood powder pulp, glues, vegetable oil and solvents.

Pulp ornamental products can be easily primed, sanded, varnished and others. With appropriate toning, they can be covered with translucent and transparent coloring materials; also, they can be used in combination with solid wood decor.

The range of applications of pulp products is quite extensive - they are equally good for decorating furniture, interiors and various caskets. The low price and attractive appearance of pasta products make such decor widely available and projects could be quite efficient.



  • TO ENSURE STORAGE of products manufactured by Stavros in rooms with an air temperature ranging from +10 to +25 degrees Celsius.
  • AVOID prolonged exposure to solvents / mechanical damage / storage of products near heaters / oil contamination / abundant deposition of industrial dust on the surface of the product / prolonged direct exposure to sunlight on products.
  • DO NOT store items on top of each other. A flat and clean surface is required to store the product.

It is important to know that many of the decorative elements produced are quite fragile. Rough mechanical impact (impacts, falls, bending, etc.) is unacceptable. It is possible to restore the original appearance by heating with an industrial dryer in case of deformation.



The decor is made for indoor use, and using them OUTSIDE will lead to damages.

The environment has a great influence on the appearance and quality of wood paste decor. Wood paste décor is sensitive to light, moisture, dryness, heat and cold, so it is recommended to avoid prolonged exposure to one or more of these conditions. This causes accelerated paint aging, warpage, cracking and deformation of pulp products.

The period, during which products with wood paste decor retain their beauty and serviceability, depends very much on the conditions of its operation. Follow these simple tips and you will keep your furniture looking its best. We are sure that these simple recommendations will help you in the implementation of your unique projects!


  • draughts;
  • storage of products near heating devices;

Sudden changes in temperature can seriously damage the product. Furniture / product should not be located less than 1 m from a heat source. Recommended air temperature during storage and / or operation is from +10 to +25 degrees Celsius.

  • hitting furniture with hot objects (irons, dishes with boiling water, etc.) or heating radiation (light from powerful lamps, unshielded microwave radiators, etc.);
  • ingress of water on the surface of products;

Decor / furniture surfaces must remain dry.

  • direct exposure to sunlight;

Prolonged direct exposure to sunlight on some areas may discolour compared to other areas that have been less exposed to radiation.

  • thermal, mechanical and other damage, including the fault of animals.
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