Fastening and connecting accessories

mount on a wooden furniture leg

For your convenience, we offer to purchase legs with studs installed in them. The stud hole will be precisely centered and drilled, open cluth are matched to the studs.  This will simplify and accelerate the further installation or assembly of the final product: sofas, armchairs, chairs, tables, console and coffee tables. You will be able to avoid the selection and procurement of the necessary fastening and connecting accessories.

M 8x60 studs and D10 M 8x13 futorking couplings are used. For safe storage and transportation of your products the stud is closed with a plug D8.

The stud will be screwed into the furniture support with a offset of 25 mm.  The hole in the leg will be drilled with a small margin, and in case you need a smaller protruding stud, you can always screw it up.

Clutch prices start from 1.8 USD/1.6 euro. Discount depends on an order amount.

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