Sculptural work

Our production has a special department - sculptural. It is here that new models for the catalog are born and product design for individual orders is developed.

Our sculptors have many years of unique experience, based on the reconstruction and restoration of significant historical projects. Special art education and a high professional level give them ability to perform expressive and complex ornamental compositions, as well as create interior items in various styles.

The process of creating new decorative forms is divided into several stages:

First, we create a detailed graphic image of the future product - a drawing. At this stage, sizes are presented, proportions are drawn up, and a composition with decorative elements is produced.

After the approval of the graphics, our sculptors reproduce the model in sculptural plasticine on a 1: 1 scale. During the modeling process, the proportions are continuously refined and each element of the decor is processed in detail.

We scan the finished model from plasticine, make final changes on the computer, and then write the control program for the CNC machine.

Most of our products are created according to this principle, that is why we call them unique. Such a diligent attitude at the development and modeling stages allows you to create a really high-quality and perfect in form decor.

If you have not found the necessary decor in our collection, we are ready to design and produce it according to your wishes.

We can design and produce décor in any historical style.


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